'); Pressegger See, walking around the lake

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Pressegger See, walking around the lake

Pressegger See, walking around the lake

The Pressegger See is a beautiful small lake about 2 kilometers from our house. The reed beds on the sides are characteristic of the Pressegger See. The Pressegger See covers an area of 55 hectares, making it the ninth largest lake in Carinthia. In the summer, the water can heat up to 28 degrees.

The Pressegger See is a fantastic lake to walk around. The walk takes you through the reeds, through the woods and through the meadows. The total distance of the walk is 5.8 kilometers.

During the hike there are enough places to rest and enjoy the fantastic view over the Pressegger See. The lake changes color from deep blue to turquoise.

On the north side of the lake are the beaches, hotels and restaurants. It is wonderful to relax on the beaches and terraces. Here you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink after the walk.

There is more peace on the south side of the Pressegger See. There are far fewer hotels here and you can enjoy nature and tranquility here.

Due to the limited depth and clarity of the water in the Pressegger See, a large part of the Lake is covered with aquatic plants; including the lily. Characteristic birds that you can encounter on your walk include the little reed warbler, the reed warbler and the forest monkey. Typical waterfowl that live in the Pressegger See are mallards, coots and grebes.

The walk around the Pressegger See is a real family walk. It is not heavy and various facts about the area are shown along the way.

The so-called Slow Trail around the Lake opened in June 2019. The walk includes 4 stations where you can relax and where information about the area and the lake is shared.


The walk is very worthwhile and you will not regret this special walk around the Pressegger See.

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